No On 22 Phone and Text Banking

Ready to fight back against Uber and Lyft’s anti-worker ballot initiative, Prop 22? The gig companies have pledged more than $180 million to pass this law that would be devastating for drivers.

Prop 22 Would:

  • Allow the companies to pay us as little as $5.64 an hour
  • Force us to cover the business expenses that the companies should be paying under state law
  • Deny us the employer-provided health insurance we’re entitled to under state law
  • Deny us the three annual sick days we’re entitled to under state law
  • Deny us the unemployment insurance we’re entitled to under state law
  • Deny us access to the workers compensation we’re entitled to under state law if we’re hurt on the job
  • Deny us the right to collectively bargain and form a union
  • Prevent local governments from passing laws that would improve wages and working conditions for drivers
  • Require a 7/8ths majority of California state legislature to change

We can’t afford to lose this fight. If Uber and Lyft win, they win for keeps – no do-overs, no second chances for drivers. It’s going to take hundreds of us reaching out to CA voters to prevent that catastrophe. Sign up for a phone bank shift below and let voters know that drivers say, “Vote NO on Prop 22.” 

Click a link below to sign up for that day’s shift, more shifts will be added regularly.

There are daily phone bank trainings at 3:15 p.m.

You do not need to phone bank for the entire shift – even a few hours of your time will make a huge difference!

Please note that in order to phone bank, you will need the following:

  • A computer or tablet with Google Chrome installed
  • An internet connection

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