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News from the frontlines of the fight for Gig Workers rights in California.

SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom clarified during his daily press briefing that gig workers can receive both unemployment insurance and ensure proper classification pursuant to AB5, despite misleading statements […]

drivers demand real protections

As of today, the mayor of Los Angeles has ordered that all essential workers (including rideshare and delivery drivers) wear protective face coverings while working and that employers must provide […]

drivers demand real protections

Organizing During Corona Nearly a thousand drivers from Mobile Workers Alliance and We Drive Progress hosted a statewide COVID-19 Response Call on Tuesday to share how the unprecedented outbreak of […]


MWA COVID-19 Resource Headquarters The full effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have yet to be felt, but many Uber and Lyft drivers are already being affected by this public health […]

protect all workers

Ahorita, funcionarios federales están trabajando en una legislación para trabajadores y negocios afectado por la crisis del COVID-19. Pero porque los choferes esta incorrectamente clasificados como contratistas independientes, hay una […]