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News from the frontlines of the fight for Gig Workers rights in California.

MWA LAWA Meeting

On Tuesday, Los Angeles International Airport debuted its new ride share system, LAX-it. The rollout was anything but smooth. With hour-plus waits for rides, packed shuttles, confused drivers and angry passengers, Los Angeles World Airports and the Mayor’s Office made the smart call and reached out to us, the drivers, to try to work toward […]

Silicon Valley profits

El martes por la mañana, Uber, Lyft y Doordash anunciaron que lanzarían una campaña de 90 millones de dólares en la boleta electoral para revertir los derechos tan reñidos que ganamos a través de AB5. Esto es normal para estas compañías que en toda su existencia nunca han seguido las reglas. Uber, Lyft y Doordash […]

Silicon Valley profits

Tuesday morning, Uber, Lyft and Doordash announced that they’d be launching a $90 million ballot measure campaign to roll back the hard fought rights that we won through AB5. This is par for the course for these companies who have spent their entire existence exploiting loopholes to get out of following the rules. Uber, Lyft and […]

Con cientos de conductores reuniéndose en la camara del concilio de la ciudad y en las calles del centro de Los Angeles, el concililio municipal de Los Ángeles aprobó por unanimidad una moción el martes para instruir al personal de la ciudad a estudiar los salarios y los gastos comerciales de los conductores de viajes […]

With hundreds of drivers rallying in city hall and on the streets outside, the LA City Council unanimously passed a motion Tuesday instructing city staff to study the wages and business expenses of rideshare drivers in LA and to include recommendations on how to establish a minimum hourly wage in the city, with a goal of a […]