For Drivers

Who We Are

We are the mobile professionals behind the success of major service apps like Uber, Instacart, Postmates, and Lyft, and we’re uniting to fight for our fair share of the gig economy.

We’ve come together from all the major big app companies, and we’re working together to raise standards for 21st century work.

Mobile worker power starts with us.

Why We Fight

Why We Fight for Our Families

We have been organizing for over 3 years to raise standards for workers in the gig economy. Together, we will end the economic abuse by Silicon Valley giants that keeps us from adequately providing for our families, and keeps us away from home, forced to work longer and longer hours just to stay afloat.

This fight has taken us throughout the State of California, and even across state lines, to share our reality with policymakers, community leaders, and other drivers.

Our demands are clear — we want a real living wage, a true voice on the job, and an end to the unfair deactivations by Uber and Lyft.

We know that taking on billion-dollar Big App companies won’t be easy, but it’s a fight that we’re committed to winning along with every driver across the state, and our allies in the labor movement.

Why We Fight in Sacramento

When the Big App companies like Uber and Lyft misclassify us as “independent contractors,” they get away with violating basic labor laws like not paying us the minimum wage, and denying us workplace protections and benefits.

That’s why we’re fighting to pass Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) and demanding lawmakers support a pathway to unionization for gig workers. AB-5 will codify our basic legal rights as workers, while a democratic, driver-led union will give us the ability to negotiate fair wages, benefits, as well as the flexibility we depend on.