Three Day Caravan For AB5 & A Union

Mobile Workers Alliance is hitting the road! From August 26-28, hundreds of MWA members will be taking their cars across California in a historic motor pilgrimage for driver rights.

The journey is inspired by the United Farm Workers 1966 pilgrimage from Delano to Sacramento, led by Cesar Chavez. Like gig workers in California, farm workers were thought to be impossible to organize and their exploitation was taken as a given by the public at large. The UFW proved the doubters wrong and we will too.

Our caravan will begin in Los Angeles and wind through Delano, Fresno, San Francisco and Oakland, with a final stop in Sacramento, where we will hold a first-of-its-kind drivers congress with Uber and Lyft drivers from across the state. We’ll celebrate our victories, deepen our bonds from LA to the Bay and beyond, and plan our next steps for winning a union and the rights and benefits that we deserve.

Along the way, we’ll meet other drivers, union members, politicians and other allies in our fight and raise awareness of our struggle on California’s highways, in the heart of the tech sector and at the capitol.

Interested in joining us? Click the button below, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch. 

Mobile Workers Alliance Pilgrimage Itinerary

Monday, Aug. 26

10 a.m. – Depart Los Angeles
1 p.m. – Arrive in Delano and meet with United Farm Workers
3 p.m. – Leave Delano
4:30 p.m. – Arrive in Fresno
5 p.m. – Press conference with UFW, local allies and local drivers

Tuesday, Aug. 27

7 a.m. – Leave Fresno
11 a.m. – Arrive in San Francisco, join drivers from Gig Workers Rising
12 p.m. – Rally in SF
2 p.m. – Arrive in Oakland for driver round table

Wednesday, Aug. 28

7:30 a.m. – Leave Oakland
10 a.m. – Arrive in Sacramento, meet with politicians
12 p.m. – Press conference at capitol
2 p.m. – Rideshare Drivers Congress
5 p.m. – Return to LA

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  1. Kent
    Kent says:

    I have been driving for Lyft for a short time and have just signed up for Uber. I not familiar with what this movement is trying to accomplish. It sounds like fair wages and benefits if I’m correct.
    Can someone send me some information on this cause?


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